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What Type Of Heating System Is Best?

Home heating is especially essential in areas where temperatures dip below freezing in the winter. Home comfort expenses can easily consume almost half of an average household’s energy budget, so install energy-efficient heating systems with the help of heating service in Mesa.

Types Of Efficient Heating Systems

  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are the most efficient heating system available for homeowners. They provide warmth from outdoors during winter and cool air in hot climatic conditions. The efficiency of heat pumps can be astonishing, sometimes producing four times as much energy as the electricity they consume.

    It is also very eco-friendly to use heat pumps. As a result of their high efficiency, they consume less electricity while providing effective heating. Since they do not burn fossil fuels to generate heat, they do not emit exhaust gasses that could harm the environment. There are no potentially harmful gasses produced by them, such as carbon monoxide, during the operation. 

  • Furnaces: Residential furnaces are the second most efficient heating system. According to industry estimates, gas furnaces account for about 60 percent of American homes with heating systems. The efficiency of older furnaces is relatively low, but newer models contain new technologies and features that can boost efficiency to a very high level. Below is the list of most common types of furnaces:

  • Gas: Natural gas is a plentiful natural resource that is used in gas furnaces. Natural gas furnaces are the most common type in use. Despite its lower heating efficiency, a natural gas furnace may actually be cheaper to operate than an air-source heat pump. The reason is that natural gas has become increasingly cheap in recent years.

  • Oil: Oil furnaces burn fuel oil to produce heat. In most cases, local suppliers deliver the fuel in bulk and store it in tanks nearby or in your home. In order to avoid running out of oil when you need it most, the fuel supply for oil furnaces must be monitored. 

  •  Electricity: An electric furnace produces heat by using electricity to power heating coils. Since they do not burn fuel, they do not produce exhaust gasses or carbon monoxide that could pose safety hazards. Since electricity costs more (BTU to BTU) than natural gas, they are more expensive to operate than gas furnaces, and unlike air-source heat pumps, their efficiency can never exceed 100%.

  • Boilers: In terms of efficiency, boilers rank third among home heating systems. Heat pumps and furnaces are more common in residential settings than boilers. In spite of this, a boiler can still provide a good option for home heating. Your home’s pipes and radiators circulate hot water produced by them. A boiler with an AFUE rating of 90% or higher is considered highly efficient.

Final Thoughts

Make sure your heating installation in Mesa is done with expert service providers for efficient heating. A&A Cooling & Heating is a trusted HVAC service provider for heating services in Mesa and nearby areas. Our NATE-certified technicians perform all kinds of HVAC services with utmost excellence and agility. Contact us at (480) 671-8137 for more details.