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Residential HVAC Services In Gold Canyon, AZ

Residential HVAC Services in Gold Canyon, Mesa, Apache Junction, AZ, and Valley Wide

We’re A&A Cooling & Heating, your experts in all things HVAC! Our team has been trusted in the Gold Canyon, Mesa, and Queen Creek, AZ areas for many years now due to our high quality services, dedication to an excellent customer experience, and because we are extremely knowledgeable about what we do. One of the things that we put a lot of focus on is helping you extend the life of your air conditioning and heating systems. We know how much these unit cost, so take pride in educating our customers about what it takes to keep their equipment running and in warranty throughout its lifetime. 

Residential AC Repair in Gold Canyon, Mesa, and Queen Creek, AZ

AC units do have break downs, especially if you’re not having them tuned up on an annual basis. Just like a car, or any other piece of machinery, your air conditioner requires maintenance. The best thing about these maintenance visits, in our opinion, is that we can find potential issues before your system becomes fully inoperable. Finding these repairs early on saves you a lot of money. One small fix could lead into much larger, more costly fixes if the unit is having to run during summertime here. It’s so incredibly hot that most days, these units don’t get a break, so the wear and tear on them causes breaks that much faster than in other areas of the country.

In Need of a New AC for Your Home?

We can help with that too! Our team is fully trained in the new SEER2 units, how they reduce your carbon footprint, as well as how they save you big on your electric bills. In fact, when you finance a new unit, you’ll likely end up spending less monthly than you do now in energy savings alone PLUS now you have a new, high quality cooling system that we know you’ll absolutely love! We believe that every family deserves to have excellent home comfort, and clean air. That’s why when we come out to your home, we often will suggest air purification products too. These help cut down on mold, bacteria, allergens, and dust that are circulating in your home’s air.

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