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What Are Those Water Sounds Coming From Your AC Unit?

An air conditioner does not trouble its owners unless it has a serious issue. The system will work as it should, but when it faces an internal or external problem, it will give off unusual signs that owners need to understand timely.

One such sign that an air conditioner gives off for its owners to understand is water sounds. Water sounds can mean several problems, and only a professional technician who provides air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ, can understand and fix them.

Guide To Help You Know The Meanings Behind These Sounds


  • Dripping Sound: The most common reason for a dripping sound can be the melting ice on the evaporator coils. Due to excessive working and other factors, ice forms on the evaporator coils, and after some time, it melts. This melting of ice may be the reason for the dripping sound.

    Another possible reason could be an overflowing drain pan of your air conditioner. The drain pan collects excess water and transfers it outside your home. However, blockages and bacterial growth may block the water path, and the water may start dripping down instead of outside.

  • Running Water: An overflowing drain pan is the only possible reason for a running water sound from your air conditioner. As we said, the drain pan collects water, which is a by-product when your air conditioner works. In the initial stages, the blockages in the drain pan will create a dripping sound.

    However, as the drain pan fills and overflows, it will create a running water sound as water will flow with high pressure inside the air conditioner. You can try removing the cloggings with a vacuum cleaner or pouring some bleach and chlorine into the drain pipe.

  • Bubbling Sound: The two possible causes for a bubbling sound are pressure issues and refrigerant leakages. An air conditioner has a fixed pressure range under which it works efficiently. However, if the pressure inside the system is unstable, the system will make a bubbling sound for the owners to understand.

    As for the refrigerant leakage, this liquid creates a bubbling sound when it leaks through the evaporator coils. You can try sealing the leakage source if you have some experience, but letting a professional handle is the best option.

  • Hissing Sound: A hissing sound has three culprits, which are extremely important for the air conditioner. The refrigerant will create a bubbling and hissing sound while leaking from the evaporator coils.

    There could be a leakage in the internal valve, which controls the pressure and restricts refrigerant from flowing within the system. Your air conditioner’s compressor is extremely important for the system, so you should not ignore the hissing sound.


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