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Do Ductless Air Conditioners Need To Be Vented?

Ductless air conditioners are the best alternative to central air conditioning and furnace systems. The installation process of ductless air conditioning usually does not take more than 6 hours. A ductless AC works similarly to central air conditioning. 

The process of heat absorption, condensation, and compressor is the same, but the way of providing the outcome is different. A ductless AC does not need any ductwork to transfer cool air into the room. 

Separate indoor units get installed in each room for cooling or heating requirements. All the indoor units get connected to one outdoor unit. Generally, you can connect four indoor units to one outdoor unit. It provides a favorable temperature to every corner of the house.

Is Venting Required or Not?

The ductless system doesn’t burn fuels or produce harmful gasses. Therefore, ductless air conditioners do not need venting. It is one of the advantages of having a ductless AC. 

The outside unit of ductless AC functions in a way that it vents the air, but the same is not required for indoor air. More heat will get in if we try to vent the indoor air. It will cause temperature variation and negatively affect your air conditioning system.

How Does Ductless AC Provide Fresh and Pure Air?

Many people wonder how a ductless air conditioning unit doesn’t need to be vented and how it circulates fresh and cool air. It has powerful air filters and a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier controls the humidity level by removing the excessive humidity and preventing mold growth. 

At the same time, the air filter of ductless AC is better than a central air conditioning air filter. The filter traps undesirable particles from the air and prevents them from entering the body. In this way, it provides likable indoor air quality. The life expectancy of ductless AC is more than central air conditioning.

A ductless AC has 15 to 30 years of life. If you maintain your AC well and schedule ductless AC service in Mesa annually, the AC lasts longer than your expectations. To maintain the air quality and prevent allergies or other illnesses, you should replace the ductless air filter every month or at least once every 90 days.


A ductless AC has many benefits. We have only mentioned a few of the benefits here. It will be a wise decision if you are also considering installing a ductless AC. It will ensure the efficiency of the air filter. You should also keep the ductless AC unit clean for better air quality. 

Avoid placing the other appliances, trash bin, or fume-producing equipment near the indoor unit. For the HVAC installation, replacement, and air conditioning services in Mesa, A&A Cooling and Heating can help you. We offer various services at fair prices. Our service areas are Mesa, Apache Junction, AZ, and Valley wide. We hire expert technicians and you can rely on us for your HVAC worries without any doubt. Trust us and contact us for HVAC services.