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What Is The Most Energy Efficient Furnace?

What is the most energy efficient furnace? A&A Cooling & Heating | Gold Canyon, Mesa, Queen Creek, AZ

A highly efficient furnace has numerous benefits; for example, it warms your home quickly and does not consume too much energy. A furnace with the highest efficiency levels is a 98% modulating variable speed. Looking for a new furnace, chat with our team for excellent heating replacement in Gold Canyon guidance.

Here Is A Quick Guide Of Furnace Types

Types Of Furnace

  • The first type is the standard furnace, which does not provide much efficiency without regular maintenance schedules. The AFUE percentage ranges from 80% to 90%, but it usually stays near 80%.
  • The second type is the mid-range furnace, which can provide a mild efficiency range to the owners. The AFUE percentage ranges from 80% to 90%, but it usually stays near 90%.
  • The third type of furnace is the high-efficiency furnace, which provides the highest efficiency output for the owners. The AFUE percentage ranges from 90% to 98%, the highest rating possible.

Motor Speed Options

  • The standard furnace has no option for motor speed. The fan either runs or does not run. You cannot adjust the fan speed.
  • The mid-range furnace has two options for motor speed. One is a high speed, and the other is low speed.
  • The high-efficiency furnace allows the owners to adjust the motor speed as per their comfort. If some rooms require more heating than others, the owners can adjust the motor speed accordingly. Variable speed allows the owners to keep their energy bills under check.

You can learn more about the motor speed of a high-efficiency furnace by contacting a technician who provides heating installation in Mesa, AZ.

Types Of Gas Output

Furnaces burn the gas through combustion and generate heat that circulates throughout the house. This gas consumption decides the gas bill you receive monthly or annually.

  • Owners cannot adjust the gas output settings in a standard furnace. The only gas output setting is 100%, which leads to a high gas bill.
  • In a mid-range furnace, owners can adjust the gas output settings from 80% to 100%, but it still leads to high gas bills as 80% consumption is high
  • In a high-efficiency furnace, owners can adjust the gas output settings from 30% to 100%, which means they can manage their gas bills easily.

Contact our technicians who provides heating service in Gold Canyon to learn the process.

Installation Cost

The appliances that offer extra benefits are costlier to install, and the appliances that do not have extra features have a moderate installation cost. The same applies to the three types of furnaces.

A standard furnace has the lowest installation cost of all three. A mid-range furnace has an installation cost lower than a high-efficiency furnace and higher than a standard furnace. A high-efficiency furnace has the highest installation cost as it offers numerous benefits and features to the owners.


If you want more details about furnaces and other HVAC appliances, contact A&A Cooling & Heating at (480) 725-3324. Our skilled technicians will guide you through the types of furnaces and excel in providing the best heating service in Gold Canyon.