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Troubleshooting Tips For Heater Not Working?

Sometimes your heater may run all day without heating your home properly. If this is the case, you are likely spending a lot of energy and money on defective equipment. Most homeowners ignore their house heating units and are unaware that a qualified HVAC company should inspect their system twice a year. 

If your system is malfunctioning, now is the time to take note of everything. Contact a reliable professional if your air conditioner is making strange noises or not cooling your home. 

Troubleshoot Tips To Get Your Furnace Back On Track

  • Check The Thermostat Batteries: Check first whether the thermostat batteries are working correctly. Substitute the drained-out batteries with brand-new ones.

  • Have A Look At Fan Settings: You should check the fan settings after you check the batteries. Change the fan settings to auto mode if they were unknowingly set to on mode. 

  • Check The Thermostat Temperature: Someone may have left on a low thermostat temperature. Set the thermostat according to your house’s needs by checking the temperature.  |
  • Clean The Furnace Components: The dirt and grime collected on the furnace’s components can sometimes restrict the flow of warm air. Make sure your heating system is clean and tidy.  

  • Look At The Gas Valve: You should check the gas valve on your furnace to see if it is open. Also, ensure that the valve is clean and dust-free. 

  • Don’t Forget To Have A Glance At The Motor Panel: Check the motor panel if nothing works. Perhaps someone forgot to turn off the blower panel after cleaning or repairing it by mistake. During the inspection, the experts will find out what is causing the problem and fix it. 

If none of these tips work, call for an expert technician. Contact the A&A cooling and Heating , the best HVAC contractor in Mesa

The Possible Reasons Behind The Furnace Problem

There are several components of the furnace that may be causing this problem:

  •  Thermostat Malfunctioning: You may not get warm air from your furnace because the thermostat is malfunctioning. The temperature can be misread when the batteries are drained.

  •  Gas Burner Troubles: If the gas burner is dirty, the fuel will not burn efficiently. Inefficient burning of energy sources affects the heating process. 

  •  Furnace Air Filter: The furnace air filter must distribute warm air evenly throughout the entire house. Airflow is restricted when the air filter is clogged with debris and dust. 

  •  The Issue With The Gas Valves: If something is blocking the path of the gas valve, the valve will not work or will work inefficiently. You can contact A&A Cooling and Heating  for heating repairs in Mesa to clean the furnace properly.
  • The Condensate Lines Seem To Be Malfunctioning: Draining the condensate is the purpose of the condensate lines. There can be the possibility of waste being collected and clogged lines. As a result, cold air is blown. 

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