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Scary Furnace Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Homeowners must ensure that their heating system operates smoothly and effectively. Be mindful of the heating system’s sounds when solving the issue. By doing so, you will be able to determine what next course of action to take. If you require assistance, or a new heating installation, contact A&A Cooling and Heating LLC serving in Mesa and the surrounding areas.

The Top 5 Noises Your Furnace Produces

  • Chirping Sounds: A chirping sound is a typical heater noise that homeowners with both new and old systems complain about. This sound denotes a problem with the internal system. For heating service in Mesa, contact A&A Cooling and Heating LLC.

    Finding the cause of this issue alone is challenging. It could sound like worn-out bearings, out-of-balance wheels, warped mounting plates, etc. For heating repair services, a specialist is necessary.

  • Booming Sounds: Does your furnace start up with a booming sound? In that case, you might wish to check the burners. Burners gradually begin to gather dust as a result of their continuous use. Such furnace conditions will result from a lack of burner cleaning.

    The booming sound also indicates a possible undersized ductwork expansion. To remedy this issue, contact A&A Cooling and Heating LLC, providing service in Mesa and the surrounding areas.


  • Screeching Sounds: The heating system is having serious difficulties operating properly, as indicated by the screeching sound. The malfunctioning blower motor may be to blame for it. As a consequence, your home will be sufficiently heated.

    According to experts in heating and air, the blower motor is an important factor. The screeching sound happens when the components in your system are not adequately maintained. To solve this issue, you must contact our technician for heating services in Mesa.


  • Banging Noise: Broken blower motor belts can cause banging noises. Belts’ active wear and tear can cause them to crack and break over time. Professionals can replace a broken belt in no time, restoring and boosting your furnace’s performance. 

  • Clanking Noises: Clanking sounds like metal hitting; it is not a good sign. The reason might be the broken blower wheel in the furnace.

    You can first turn the system off and examine it from above to solve this issue. However, if the issue seems too complicated, seek professional assistance.

  • Rattling Noise: Have you ever wondered what a loose panel or screen in a system sounds like? The rattling sound might also happen because clogged furnace filters restrict airflow. It is recommended to deal with this problem as soon as it is practical.


Knowing these signs of your heating system is always better than regretting it later. You can fix any heating problem when you hire a professional heating service. A&A Cooling and Heating LLC is the best in the business. We strive to provide exceptional customer service. If you choose us for your furnace needs, you won’t need any other service provider in the future.