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How Often Should You Service Your Heating System?

A furnace should be serviced at least once a year, regardless of the type of furnace and HVAC system it is. HVAC specialists often receive calls in winter due to inadequate maintenance and repair schedules. 

Make sure you hire a professional to work on your HVAC system, which is one of the most complex systems in your home. The majority of cities require HVAC contractors to be licensed. Verify the company’s licence, bond, and insurance with your local licensing agency, and ask for references. 

How Often Should A Heating System Be Serviced?

When the seasons and weather change, most homeowners wonder about the time of servicing the system. Most HVAC manufacturers recommend servicing your system annually. Therefore, service your air conditioner every spring and your heating system every fall.

Things That Technicians Service In Your HVAC System

A&A Heating and Cooling offers services in Gold Canyon and the surrounding areas. Our technicians will inspect the following things during your heating service:

  • Heating mode, heat pump, defrost cycle, ignition, and burner assemblies.
  • Heat exchanger, backup heating source, clearances.
  • Combustion air, vents, piping, gas pressure.

Things To Expect From Your Annual Service

An HVAC technician will also perform routine inspections of your heating system and check the following extensive list of items. 

  • When you notice a problem with your indoor coil, you should clean it.
  • Replace your air filters regularly.
  • Recalibrate your thermostat if necessary.
  • Make sure all hoses and connections are in good working order.
  • It is important to inspect your home’s interior and exterior.

Importance Of Annual Servicing Of The System

Annual maintenance is essential to extending the life and effectiveness of your heating system. The costs associated with annual heating services are another reason people opt out. 

Unfortunately, those who do not adequately maintain or service their systems regularly often find that their units need to be repaired or replaced more frequently than those who do. Repairs and heating replacements are far more expensive than annual service costs. If you have any inquiries with heating replacement, contact A&A Heating and Cooling offering services in  Gold Canyon and the surrounding areas.

Effects If You Do Not Maintain Your System Regularly

  • Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, making its leaks difficult to detect without furnace inspections. 
  • Headaches, nausea, and breathing difficulties can result from carbon monoxide. 
  • If your furnace is at risk, it may be red-tagged, which means you cannot use it. 
  • In the long run, your furnace will cost you more money if you don’t maintain it, whether it’s gas or electric.


Once a year, furnaces require expert care, which is essential. An annual furnace inspection, cleaning, and maintenance will ensure that the furnace operates efficiently, consumes little energy, does not break down suddenly, and lasts for a long time. 

We at A&A Heating and Cooling are here to help you with your heating needs. We can perform routine maintenance or fix any issues you may be experiencing. We provide our clients with the best electrical, air conditioning, and superior heating services in Mesa, Gold Canyon and surrounding regions.