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How Do You Fix A Furnace Ignition Lockout?

While running the central heater, you may experience a sudden shutdown. The situation becomes worse when you are unable to turn the heater back on. When the furnace safety system or sensor senses any hazardous situation, it shuts down the entire furnace unit, and resetting the equipment remains the only solution.

This situation is called a furnace ignition lockout. You can fix the ignition lockout if you know the causes of this problem and by scheduling a heating service in Mesa on time.

Furnace Ignition Lockout: Reasons And Solutions

When you can turn the furnace on twice after the shutdown, it is called a soft lockout, whereas several soft lockouts can lead to a hard lockout that you can fix only after scheduling a heating service in Mesa. The causes of furnace ignition lockout are;

  • Problem With Ignitor

Occasionally, the ignitor cannot ignite the flame on the pilot light due to some defect. Thus, the flame sensor cannot detect the pilot flame due to ignitor failure and shuts down the system leading to an ignition lockout. You should contact a certified technician for heating repair in Mesa to fix your defective ignitor.

  • Tripped Limit Switch

The limit switch monitors the temperature of the heat exchanger and measures the fuel pressure. If the heat exchanger temperature or the fuel pressure is too high, the limits switch trips and cause a furnace ignition lockout. When it happens frequently, schedule an urgent heating repair in Mesa to get your furnace inspected.

  • Flame Sensor Issues

A dirty or faulty flame sensor will not detect the flame accurately and stop the furnace. You can try turning the furnace on twice before the hard lockout. The hard lockout needs an emergency HVAC repair.

  • Heat Exchanger Defect

If there is any crack on the heat exchanger or its condition is too poor, it will not work. Therefore, the failure in the heat exchanger will cause the furnace to shut down. Without a heating repair in Mesa, you cannot troubleshoot a cracked heat exchanger.

Method To Fix The Furnace Ignition Lockout

When the furnace ignition lockout, you will have to reset the furnace. Before resetting the equipment, fix the cause of the lockout. Otherwise, your furnace ignition will lock out again. Follow the listed steps before resetting the furnace unit.

  • Clean the flame sensor with a microfibre cloth
  • Replace the dirty air filter
  • Clean the pilot light carefully
  • Inspect the HVAC unit and if you find cracks or damage, schedule a heating service in Mesa

The reset button is located in the access panel. Switch off the main power supply, locate the reset button and press it for around 20 seconds. After resetting the furnace, you will have to relight the pilot. However, you can fix it with the reset if you carefully follow the instructions in the manual. If your furnace is still not turning on, schedule an emergency heating service in Mesa.

Call The Expert For HVAC Service

You should schedule an annual inspection for HVAC to prevent ignition lockout and high repair expenses. Trust A & A Cooling and Heating LLC for residential and commercial HVAC repairs. With 20 years of experience, we guarantee safe, long-lasting, and top-quality HVAC services.

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