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Do Ductless AC Systems Have Unique Repair Needs?

A ductless system serves the same purpose as a ducted system but uses a different method. It cools separate rooms through more than one indoor unit installed in each room, connected with a single outdoor AC unit. The ducted air conditioning system cools the room through air registers connected with the duct line using a single indoor and outdoor unit. 

You don’t have to change your house walls and interior design to install ductless air conditioning. The mechanism of ducted and ductless AC is unique, and the repair needs are also different.

Unique Repair Needs Of Ductless AC System.

A ductless AC system lasts longer than ducted air conditioning. It lasts 15 to 30 years, but if you don’t take proper care of your ductless mini split, you may need a ductless AC replacement in Gold Canyon, AZ, before 15 years. 

You can use a ductless system throughout the year as it also provides heat during winters. The unique advantages of a ductless system make it an ideal choice for comfort needs. However, like its benefits, its repair needs are also unique.

  • Leakage Near The Air Handler: Three different connections get connected to an air handler through a hole behind it. These three connections are the power line, a refrigerant line, and a condensate line. A power line supplies power to an AC unit, a refrigerator line helps refrigerant flow, and a condensate line removes the moisture during the cooling process.The condensate line, when cracked or damaged, can leak water. This water leakage can weaken the wall strength if you don’t get it sealed on time. So, when you sense water leakage behind the air handler, contact the technician for urgent repair.

  • Coolant Leakage: Three different lines get connected behind the air handler through a hole. One of these connected lines is a refrigerant line. Like a condensate line leaks water, a refrigerant line can leak coolant.The mini-split AC system has more refrigerant lines than a ducted system. The refrigerant leaks when you experience poor airflow, indicating no difference in indoor and outdoor temperature with a bubbling noise, etc. Contact the technician for the repair.

  • Air Handle Damages: All the air handlers get connected to a single outdoor unit. But that doesn’t mean that single air handler damage will affect other air handlers too. A broken or damaged air handler stops working.Thus, it doesn’t cool or heats your room. Call the technician for an inspection and repair. If the air handler damage is severe, its solution can be AC replacement in Gold Canyon, AZ.


These are the unique repair needs of your ductless AC. All these problems need a long-lasting solution applied by a professional only. DIY solutions will be helpful for a short period. A&A Cooling & Heating LLC can guide you on your HVAC requirements thoroughly. 


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