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9 Reasons Your Daikin Blows Cold Air

If your furnace blows cold air in your home, you may have a problem with the flame detector, gas supply, air filter, pilot light, or condensate lines. The majority of these issues can be easily resolved by sanitizing or replacing gas furnace components.

9 Reasons Why Your Daikin Is Blowing Cold Air

  • Circuit Breakers And Switches Are Turned On: Ensure all circuit breakers and buttons are on. It is not uncommon for furnace repair professionals to discover that all your furnace’s switches and breakers have not been turned on. 

  • Insufficient Gas Supply: Another possibility is that the furnace’s gas supply was turned off, either manually or because the gas bill had not been paid. The furnace needs to receive gas. Double-check that it is receiving gas. Ensure that your gas is switched on flexibly.

  • Clog In The Condensate: The condensate pump removes the water produced during the warming cycle. This channel may become clogged, resulting in your furnace’s burners, not lighting. If you need professional help, such as heating repair in Mesa, you should contact a reliable HVAC contractor.

  • Dirty Filters: Clogged filters will hinder airflow and won’t keep your home warm enough. You can prevent this by cleaning your filters. You can also install a new filter to solve the problem.

  • Issues With Thermostat: Furnace malfunctions can be caused by a defective thermostat. Clean out the dust and dirt by removing the cover, turning off the power, and turning off the fan. An HVAC contractor in Mesa suggests using a soft brush or a slight vacuum. Make sure the switch is set to heat rather than cool when you turn it back on. 

  • The Pilot Light: To light the furnace immediately, the pilot light must be turned on. It is possible for the pilot of a gas furnace to turn off for a variety of reasons. If the gas pressure is too low, the pilot may shut down. There may not be a pilot light on some of the newest furnace types, but older models do. It is a constant flame that keeps the furnace burner lit. 

  • Exhaust Flue: Disconnect the furnace and thermostat, then remove the duct from the furnace’s exit. The area should be cleaned of dust and debris. Replace the chimney in the same order as you removed it. If you need professional help, contacting a reliable HVAC contractor in Mesa is your best option.

  • Compartment Blower: There are some systems that cannot operate until the compartment door is closed. A faulty switch may also need to be replaced if the door isn’t working. However, when handling the blower compartment, be careful not to injure yourself. There are some systems that run the fan even when the compartment door is open.

  • Clogged Or Leaky Ducts: Heat escapes through gaps between ducts, which is a common furnace problem. This increases the furnace’s workload and reduces its efficiency. Wrap aluminum duct tape around gaps.

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