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8 Tips For Maintaining A Furnace

Your home’s heating system is the primary source of warmth and safety for your family during the winter. You will only get the most out of it if you give it the regular and professional heating tune-up in Mesa that it requires. You can also take numerous simple measures to keep your furnace operating at its best.

Eight Tips For Maintaining The Furnace

Your heating system can function more effectively and efficiently with routine furnace maintenance. Follow these eight furnace maintenance tips, or contact a heating maintenance expert in Mesa.

  • Change Your Air Filter

Changing your furnace filter regularly is one of the easiest methods to keep your heating and air conditioning system operating at peak performance. The fans in your blower units have to work harder to move the air required to heat your home when dirty air filters are in the system because a dirty air filter can obstruct the passage of air through your heating system.

  • Look For Strange Noises

When your heating system is running, do you notice any strange noises? Unusual noises may indicate that your furnace is having a significant issue. These noises include:

  • Scraping
  • Screeching
  • Slapping
  • Banging
  • Popping

  • Keep Vents Clean

A professional duct cleaning by a heating maintenance specialist in Mesa should be done every few years, especially if you have older or pet-friendly housing. It’s a better way to get rid of dust and pet dander and to examine your ducts for leaks or mold growth.

You can maintain your vents clean without the help of a specialist. Remove the covers from your air vents once a year, and then use your vacuum attachment to clean them thoroughly.

  • Keep The Furnace Clean

Regular sweeping and vacuuming will help maintain the area around your heating system free of dust and debris, which will also keep the inside of the furnace clean.

  • Clear The Outdoor Area Near The Furnace

Many furnaces and heat pumps are combined as part of your home’s HVAC system. It’s important to allow enough ventilation around these devices. Avoid letting shrubs, tall grass, or other plants encroach on or near your outdoor appliances.

This will lessen efficiency and obstruct airflow into and out of the unit. Keep your heat pump’s exteriors at least two feet away from structures, bushes, or other obstructions.

  • Clean Drain Pipes Regularly

Furnaces and HVAC systems use condensate lines to direct moisture away from the equipment. This maintains the furnace’s dryness and stops the growth of mold or mildew, which could spread throughout your house. The condensate line needs to be cleaned frequently to ensure optimal operation.

  • Set Up Regular Tune-Ups

While you can complete several annual furnace maintenance tasks to keep your furnace operating at maximum efficiency, preventative furnace maintenance and checkups by certified and skilled professionals will ensure its proper working condition.

It’s a good idea to schedule a twice-yearly assessment for your furnace to identify minor issues before they grow into costly repairs or the need for a replacement furnace.

  • Check The Pilot Light

One of the greatest methods to keep an eye on your gas furnace is to check the pilot light. A blue pilot light indicates everything is working correctly. However, a light yellow pilot light or a different hue is a symptom of danger and must be examined by a specialist.

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